Which Version of the Bible Should I Use?

A great Bible study guide for beginners who want to learn how to choose the correct version of the Bible.

Most of the seasoned Christians will tell you to stick with the King James Version when you are studying the Bible; this is excellent advice; however, for some folks, the King James Version is hard to understand.

People will either stray away from reading the Bible or choose another version that is easier for them to understand and learn. Choosing a different version can also cause problems if you pick the wrong version.

When I discovered your words, I devoured them. They are my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name, O Lord God of Heaven’s Armies. Jeremiah 15:16

If you devoured the wrong words, it would hurt your chances of really knowing or understanding God and how he wants us to live.

The first principle when studying your bible is to read it and understand what you are reading. You must be able to interpret what you are reading, and making sure it is leading you in the right di­rection.

Don’t assume you know what God is saying you need to KNOW!

 How is it everyone can have different opinions on certain scriptures, but all the scriptures come from the Word of God? God’s Word never changes. This short guide will give you a few examples on how to tell if you are reading a corrupt version. 

Some versions of the Bible can be deceiving. Key words or scriptures can be left out which gives a strong meaning to God’s message. The Bible is under attack by Satan. This short guide will explain how to overcome Satan obstacles.

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Deanetta P. Thompson is a Christian blogger for women who struggle on a daily basis trying to learn and understand God's Words. She will share with you her tools she uses when studying the Bible. As a brain tumor survivor she knows to well what it is like to struggle.

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