Sweet Nothings in Your Ear


If you want to find sweet nothings for your ear go to social networks and look at most of the live videos and listen away. There was a time when you had to attend some of the most popular churches to hear sweet nothings, but now they are all merging with social media to live videos right in the comfort of your home!

Some of the most bizarre live videos shown were prayer calls with weird backgrounds, speaking in tongues, ministers ministering and asking for money or selling their products, evangelist, prophets, and prophetess claiming to be men and women of God. Most of them gained all their followers through social media. Some Pastors ordained themselves claiming to be chosen by God. These people have a congregation on social media larger than TD Jakes congregation an all achieved through social media of course. Every last one of these people whispers sweet nothings in the viewer’s ear, and they listen. These nothings are shared by thousands of viewers on social media every day.

Do you understand what sweet nothings are? Sweet nothings are just that sweet NOTHINGS! You don’t hear much about homes that are fatherless, children being confused about their gender, the LGBT community snatching our children and invading our schools. The ground is swallowing the earth scientist call it sinkholes the Bible calls it God. Our land is foul and polluted. Somehow this is not mentioned in their broadcast.

2 Timothy 3:1-3 clearly state what the world will be like in these last and evil days. Instead of surviving off Gods Words the world is surviving off sugary nothing. Sweet nothings sooth, the mind but it does not help the soul. It caters to your ego, your problems, and for some your self-esteem but it does nothing for the soul. Instead of a full-course meal, we are surviving off snacks. By the time you shut your device off, you are still hungry because you were fed absolutely nothing. Your problems are still there, and you don’t know how to deal with it. The call to action below is the best sound advice one can hear and read.

Call To Action: Stay away from these false prophets on social media they are dangerous and not suitable for public consumption.

Study Scriptures: Polluted land – Ezekiel 36:18; Isaiah 24:5; Jeremiah 16:18; Numbers 35:33; Men will become lovers of themselves – 2 Timothy 3:2

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  1. Most of these preachers want fame or money.

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