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Like a Brain Tumor Survivor, we know all too well what life is like when one is struggling to discover something new or trying to remember what they have learned. Studying the Bible for some people can be complicated and time-consuming if they are trying to discover God’s Words correctly. Some people are new to the Bible and starting with the basics. No matter where they are in their walk with God tomorrow is not promised to anyone, we must get it right now.  

I would love to show you my study techniques calledSCALING The Bible Method.SCALING The Bible Method is a fundamental method I use when I suffer from severe brain fatigue.  

Join me as I break down each step I use when S.C.A.L.I.N.G. The Bible. Sign up for our women’s Bible study as we explore The Book of Romans. During this Bible study, I am using parts of the S.C.A.L.I.N.G. methods. It is my goal for you when you study you are scaling with success. Do not miss out on the blessings God has for you or His message.  


Deanetta P. Thompson is a Christian blogger for women who struggle on a daily basis trying to learn and understand God's Words. She will share with you her tools she uses when studying the Bible. As a brain tumor survivor she knows to well what it is like to struggle.

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