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Should Christian women follow the Women Empowerment Movement? Female empowerment means equality. It means having a woman for president, a female CEO of a major corporation, a woman coaching a football team, and a woman as head of her home with or without a man (some women desire not to get married). Female empowerment could lead to higher achievements for women.

Should Christian women include themselves in this achievement?

What are the repercussions when you achieve female empowerment? It causes you to stray away from God’s Words. As a result, some women exclude themselves from having children or getting married to further their careers. Is this biblical? What was God’s sole purpose when He created a woman (read Genesis 2:18)? If a woman decides not to marry, then she must remain celibate.

Wanting The Benefits

Wanting the benefits of female empowerment causes some women who have families to spend more time working towards promotions and status instead of spending time with their loved ones. Some of these women are fortunate enough to have stay-at-home dads, therefore, allowing them to utilize that opportunity to further their careers or agendas. Is this biblical? Is this a part of the Jezebel spirit?

The #metomovement

The #metomovement swept across America like a category four hurricane, empowering women even more. Women who were sexually harassed or abused at work were able to bring their accusers to justice. Empowering women became the main focus in America to include the #MeToMovement. Yep, the doors were open, and all sorts of opportunities became accessible for women. Women’s empowerment means that women are equal to men. Is this biblical? Could this be a way for the Jezebel spirit to take its rightful place (read 1 Timothy 4:1).

The Jezebel Spirit Takeover

The Jezebel spirit is a term that people joke about in some conversations. Watch what you connect yourself too. The Jezebel spirit is real and dangerous. The death of Jezebel was horrific (read 2 Kings 9:30-37). To learn more about Jezebel, read Kings l and II. God despised Jezebel. These scriptures will help you understand her character and why she was dangerous. Women’s empowerment agitators want a woman for president and a man for vice president of the United States. This organization wishes to lead the church—and the man (seriously!). Women who contribute to this movement want total control, control over the man and the world if necessary. The Jezebel spirit can speak the truth but still be wrong in the eyes of God because it is out of order. God is all about order. Jezebel wanted the same rights and privileges that God gave to man during the creation of Adam and Eve.

What God Do You Follow?

Here is something worth noticing what religion do these women who push this agenda practice? Jezebel worships Baal. Some of the women who started the early movements were bisexual, not married, atheist or involved in New Age Religion. They had no regards for the Bible. They operated off personal expectations, vanity, and control. Do not allow seducing spirits to control your thoughts or decisions you make for your life.  Read God’s Words pray and ask Him what are His plans for you and your future.

Join this community short Bible study video learning more about Women Empowerment and how this is a seducing spirit.

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