Community Podcast Show

Think Differently Bible Study Community will be launching a new podcast show. This podcast show will revolve around current events and the Bible. When I listen to the news certain scriptures race through my mind, I tend to look at things from a biblical perspective. For the last few months, we have had shock waves of current events, and the sad part is none of it falls in line with God’s Words.

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Bible Study for Women Who Struggle to Learn

After brain surgery, my life changed completely. My memory started failing; my cognitive skills were out of whack and thank God for keyboards because my handwriting was horrible( a slight tremble in my hand). I would attempt to study my Bible only to find myself starring at the same page, not accomplishing anything.

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SCALING The Bible Method™

Scaling The Bible Method

Like most Brain Tumor Survivors, we know all too well what life is like when one is struggling to discover something new or trying to remember what they have learned. Studying the Bible for some people can be complicated and time-consuming if they are trying to discover God’s Words correctly.

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