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Which Version Should I Use? Bible Study

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Be equipped to study God’s Word on your own.

Don’t be afraid to read the Bible from lack of understanding. If you want to get more understanding of choosing the right version, then this is the Bible Study for you.”Which Version Should I Use?” is an amazing Bible Study written by Deanetta P. Thompson.  This eBook was design for those who face learning challenges when studying God’s Words. This short Bible study will also help those eager to learn more about God by using the correct version. So here’s exactly what you’re going to get with “Which Version Should I Use?”

Samples of knowing how to detect a bad version
The best word study tools
A five-day Bible study plan
Compare with KJV(King James Version)

Act now, and you also get a few special bonuses for downloading. You will also receive a special bonus even if you don’t download this eBook. Once you go to Amazon website and click look inside; click the special gift link. If “Which Version Should I Use?” doesn’t show you exactly how to get more understanding of choosing the right version… if it doesn’t take you by the hand, step-by-step to give you guidance please email me with any questions biblestudy@thinkdifferentlybiblestudy.com. If you’re serious about how to understand the correct version, click here right now.



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