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A Junkie Mind Part II

Share This: A lot of current events has occurred since posting “A Junkie Mind,” Part One. A junkie mind is created from junk. There is a lot of junk presented to us daily. Some people don’t know how to get rid of the junk. Think about cleaning out your closet. Things you cannot use or wear you get rid of it. When you are shopping, you do not buy something that you cannot use. If you are the type of person who chooses to buy something that is useless to your lifestyle or home, then you are probably a hoarder,…

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A Junkie Mind (Part 1)

Share This: Change is a process, but with God all things are possible. Do you posse a junkie mind? Do you constantly harbor negative thoughts about life, your job, your family and friends? A junkie mind can cause health problems, dysfunctional relationships along with being alone. In this junkie mind series we will take a look at the downside of a junkie mind.  Negative Thinking When you are living with negative thinking in your mind you will not be able to succeed in your life the way God intended for you to.  All your efforts in life to do anything…

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