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Conformed to This World? Bible Study Video

Share This: Are you conformed to this world? Do you find yourself acting one way on Sunday morning but reacting another way during the week? To serve God, you must think like Him, not like the world. In this generation for some, this is hard to do. Some preachers run their church based on worldly thinking. They invite worldly guest to speak to their congregation. Their worldly guest will entice their congregation with material things that are conceived by doing worldly deeds. But what does it mean not to conform to this world. What did The Apostle Paul say about character…

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When Believers Go Outside The Will of God Podcast

Share This: What happens when believers go outside the will of God? Non-Believers don’t have any remorse because they don’t seek the will of God. Believers know there will be consequences when they go outside the will of God. But why do they do it? Do they ever stop to think how many people will get hurt? Do they stop to think if their consequences will be something they can handle? When believers do go outside the will of God His wrath is known and felt. King David is a perfect example for going outside the will of God. King…

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