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Block The Noise Bible Study Video

Share This:    Download this eBook  for free. How many times have you felt you do not hear from God or maybe not enough? Could it be you have to many distractions? Do you feel when you are praying you are praying to nothing but empty space? Do you understand how God operates when He wants to connect with you? Just how well do you know Him and what are some of the distractions in your life that keep you from hearing from Him? This community would truly love to hear your feedback please leave on our community Facebook page.

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When Believers Go Outside The Will of God Podcast

Share This: What happens when believers go outside the will of God? Non-Believers don’t have any remorse because they don’t seek the will of God. Believers know there will be consequences when they go outside the will of God. But why do they do it? Do they ever stop to think how many people will get hurt? Do they stop to think if their consequences will be something they can handle? When believers do go outside the will of God His wrath is known and felt. King David is a perfect example for going outside the will of God. King…

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A Junkie Mind Part II

Share This: A lot of current events has occurred since posting “A Junkie Mind,” Part One. A junkie mind is created from junk. There is a lot of junk presented to us daily. Some people don’t know how to get rid of the junk. Think about cleaning out your closet. Things you cannot use or wear you get rid of it. When you are shopping, you do not buy something that you cannot use. If you are the type of person who chooses to buy something that is useless to your lifestyle or home, then you are probably a hoarder,…

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