These Last and Evil Days Bible Study Webinar

The following is a message for every Small Group Session, Those Dealing With Christian Growth, Individual Learning who needs to… but can’t… seem to get their lives on the right track by submitting to the ways of the world or just wanting to learn God’s application..

  • This eBook will cover how to apply the right scriptures to your everyday living and current events. Learn to instantly set yourself apart from the world.  
  • This webinar will also reveal how this eBook can show you how much God’s Word is alive.
  • You can use These Last and Evil Days Bible Study to quickly achieve success by studying this spirit led Bible Study eBook in bite-size chunks; that is accessible to all who need to hear God’s message, as they wrestle with the contemporary day to day issues that face them. This is a Bible Study Guide like no other, providing spiritual food to sustain you throughout the day.
  • The #1 most important issue I want you to understand is knowing how to maintain your walk with God during these perilous times.
  •  Know the right scriptures so you could encourage others to not be apart of the devils system while living here on earth!
  • Act Now and You Also Get These Bonuses To Accelerate Your Scriptures Helping You To Deal With These Last And Evil Days Events. 

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