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Webinar Host Mrs. Thompson

Deanetta Thompson is obsess with Scriptures that deals with helping us to understand these last and evil days events. Her accomplishments include:


- Bachelors of Art in Biblical Studies from Amridge University

- Masters in Management from Liberty University

- Inductive Bible Training Qualified


- Faciliated online small group Bible Studies

- Founder of an online Bible study Magazine since 2011

- Amazon Author,

- Aurthored numerous PDF downloads for subscribers

- Written numerous articles for Ezine Articles.

Personal Info:

- Disable Veteran

- Awarded Bronze Star

- Serve 20 years active duty for the United States Army with three major deployments

- A brain tumor survivor who deals with Vascular Demitia on a daily basis and developed many self- help tools to help overcome many obstacles. Subscribe to my email list and I can share some of those tools with you.

Most of what you need is instruction and encouragement from someone who has "been there and done that!" with how to answer tough questions that you might have about life during end times; conduct observation of the scriptures and application.

And as you can see, Scriptures helping us to deal with these last and evil days events Deanetta Thompson is ready to help you understand everything you need to know about Hearing from God through His words; learning what is factual or just wordly fairy tales; what is truly relevant dealing with today's culture according to scriptures.

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