Which Version Should I Use? Bible Study

Be equipped to study God’s Word on your own. Don’t be afraid to read the Bible from lack of understanding. If you want to get more understanding of choosing the right version, then this is the Bible Study for you.”Which Version Should I Use?” is an amazing Bible Study written by Deanetta P. Thompson.  This eBook was design for those who face learning challenges when studying God’s Words. This short Bible study will also help those eager to learn more about God by using the correct version. So here’s exactly what you’re going to get with “Which Version Should I …

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These Last and Evil Days Bible Study Webinar

The following is a message for every Small Group Session, Those Dealing With Christian Growth, Individual Learning who needs to… but can’t… seem to get their lives on the right track by submitting to the ways of the world or just wanting to learn God’s application.. This eBook will cover how to apply the right scriptures to your everyday living and current events. Learn to instantly set yourself apart from the world.   This webinar will also reveal how this eBook can show you how much God’s Word is alive. You can use These Last and Evil Days Bible Study …

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Block The Noise Podcast

How many times have you felt you do not hear from God or maybe not enough? Could it be you have to many distractions? Do you feel when you are praying you are praying to nothing but empty space? Do you understand how God operates when He wants to connect with you? Just how well do you know Him and what are some of the distractions in your life that keep you from hearing from Him? You can find all our podcast on Soundcloud.  Don’t forget to subscribe. Download the eBook  and video for free.

When Believers Go Outside The Will of God Podcast

What happens when believers go outside the will of God. Non Believers don’t have any remorse because they don’t seek the will of God. Believers know there will be consequences when they go outside the will of God. But why do they do it? Do they ever stop to think how many people will get hurt? All podcast shows are located on Soundcloud. Save Save

Christians Are Not Pharisees

Christians stop allowing the world to make you feel like a Pharisee because you quote the scripture. It is the devil’s job in these last and evil days to make the world hate Christians or think Christians are idiots. Yes, there are judgmental people out there. Yes, there are people who quote scriptures and commit the same sin, they are not Christians they are hypocrites (Matthew 15:7). Stop confusing the two. When Jesus confronted the Pharisees, He called them exactly what they were hypocrites. That is not the definition of a Christian.

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Dry Bones In Your Valley?

Sometimes when people face trials they get discourage, make mistakes and often give up. In the midst of it all God can still release His power through us to speak to those dry bones. God taught Ezekiel words carry incredible power. Especially His (God’s) Words! Do you speak to your dry bones so they can live again?

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