Are You a Fickle Christian?

America is on the verge of destruction. The sad part is Christians who claim they have a relationship with God don’t know or understand Him at all (Matthew 7:22). Christians are following any wind or doctrine that caters to their emotions and flesh (Ephesians 4:14). Those who claim God chose them to lead His people are leading them straight to hell, and the first in line are Christians! Social networks are filled with prophets, prophetess, pastors and so-called prayer warriors reciting God’s Words and meaningless prayers (Jeremiah 7:16) but not living by His words.

Christians have become so emotional their flesh is desiring soothing words, and their wants needs to be catered to (Ephesians 4:14). Everybody is trying to please everybody, but no one is interested in pleasing God. Christians love using it is not my place to judge the church this shows they truly don’t know God’s words. (watch this video) Satan is not worried about people outside the church, he attacks those who hide behind the church walls, and yes, he is having fun doing it! The church has become the devil’s playground.

Social media and YouTube have become a Christians Bible filled with scriptures written by some of everyone. They listen to the news, but yet they don’t pay attention to words like “one of the worst disasters the United States have seen or the most dangerous fire causing the state to declare a state of emergency.” When you hear the word worst, and SEE it for yourself maybe God is talking, but there are so many distractions. Not all news is fake news. America is falling apart while the latest iPhone is being upgraded (Luke 17:27-28).

Fickle Christians ignore these signs given by Jesus (Matthew 24:4-8) these are called birth pains. They flip-flop between the Bible, social media and celebrities. Inconsistent Christians are unstable and immature when it comes to God’s Word. Are you a fickle Christian? 

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