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Are you tired of reading words you don't understand? Are you tired of walking away still feeling empty? Are you intimidated by your education level and feel reading the Bible is too overwhelming, or you are faced with learning challenges that hinder you from understanding and learning God's Words?  

Don't be you are in the right place.  

Join our community Bible study workshops for 2018 as we strive to learn, helping each other, and building our relationship with God. All study material will be provided by Think Differently Bible Study Community. All you will need is your Bible and a highlighter.  

Our workshops are designed to help you not only understand God's Words but how to apply His Words to your everyday life. Join us from the comfort of your home. Yes, we will have a closed group on Facebook to fellowship as we grow together in His Words. 


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Learn More About This Community...

It is Think Differently Bible Study Community's goal to cater to those with learning challenges. As a brain tumor survivor, the founder of this website knows all too well what learning challenges are all about. 

It is also this Community’s goal to build a community where women from different walks of life can come together to learn, grow, and encourage other women who need encouraging.

Think Differently Bible Study Community Podcast Show for Women is designed for those who feel they need to take God's words nice and slow. If you have a learning disability or survived any type of traumatic brain injury, this is the podcast for you.

If you just love hearing God's Words without twisted scriptures or twisted truths this is still the podcast for you.

This Bible study guide is designed for those trying to understand which version of the Bible is right for them. One PDF download and Bible study video will accommodate this eBook showing you different study techniques for those who face learning challenges. 

This Bible study guide is also designed so you can be prepared to see for yourself what it says about God and His plans for us. A Bonus page is included inside this eBook.

If you visit Think Differently Bible Study Community Blog you can learn more about the founder of this community and her next Bible study publication. Your walk with God can be strengthen eveyday by learning and understanding His Words. There are always different tools out there to help you understand and receive the message He truly wants you to hear. Time is running out! Don't allow the small things to stop you from achieving the big things God has in store for you. 


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