Sweet Nothings in Your Ear

Christian Women Bible Study Blog

Sweet nothings sooth, the mind but it does not help the soul. It caters to your ego, your problems, and for some your self-esteem but it does nothing for the soul. If you want to find sweet nothings for your ears go to social networks and look at most of the live videos and listen away. There was a time when you had to attend some of the most popular churches to hear sweet nothings, but now they are all merging to live videos right in the comfort of your home!

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Cussing Christians Bible Study Video

30- Minute Bible Study Can Christians use profanity and still please God? Have you met a Christian, who use profanity? Does this mean they are hypocrites, or they are not Christians? King David committed murder and adultery, but the Bible states “He was a man after God’s own heart.” What category does this place Christians in? Murder, adultery and curse words are all a part of the sin family. God favors King David in the Old Testament. King David cried out to God and repented. Should Christians repent when they use foul language and how does this affect their relationship…

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Sin in the Church? Bible Study Video

Within the last few years, we have had so many failures from the pulpit. My question to you is should you leave your church or stay when there is sin in your church you attend? Some people will not separate themselves from the church they grew up in. Their mother attended this church, and their grandmother and other family members attend the same church, and they will not leave no matter what type of havoc the minister or his followers have committed. The Apostle Paul made it clear not to keep company with fornicators, covetous, extortioners, and idolaters. Paul was…

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